[gpfsug-discuss] SNMP monitoring

David Magda dmagda+gpfs at ee.torontomu.ca
Fri May 19 17:03:57 BST 2023


Is anyone using SNMP monitoring as described in:


I believe I’ve followed the instructions correctly in setting up snmpd on my RHEL8 storage servers correctly: an “snmptranslate -IR gpfsCluserName” gives back the MIB and “-On” gives back the OID; an “snmpget hrSystemUptime” gives back a proper uptime response. But a “snmpget … gpfsCluserName…” gives back an “No such object at this OID”.

Both snmpd and mmsnmpagentd are running, and in mmfs.log I see “AgentX subagent connected”. In case it matters: there is a complaint about no libwrap.so, but that no longer comes with RHEL8.

This is for 5.1.3 Erasure Code. (Poking around there are RPMs with  “pmcollections” and “pmsensors” in the name, and we do not have those installed.)

Thanks for any info.


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