[gpfsug-discuss] Automating Snapshots : cron jobs or use the GUI ?

Hannappel, Juergen juergen.hannappel at desy.de
Wed Feb 2 15:04:24 GMT 2022

I use a python script via cron job, it checks how many snapshots exist and removes those that 
exceed a configurable limit, then creates a new one. 
Deployed via puppet it's much less hassle than click around in a GUI/ 

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> Subject: [gpfsug-discuss] Automating Snapshots : cron jobs or use the GUI ?

> Hi all,

> Since the subject of snapshots has come up, I also have a question ...

> Snapshots can be created from the command line with mmcrsnapshot, and hence can
> be automated via con jobs etc.
> Snapshots can also be created from the Scale GUI. The GUI also provides its own
> automation for the creation, retention, and deletion of snapshots.

> My question is: do most customers use the former or the latter for automation?

> (I also note that /usr/lpp/mmfs/gui/cli/mksnaprule exists and appears to do
> exactly the same as what the GUI does it terms of creating automated snapshots.
> It is a relic of V7000 Unified but still works fine in Spectrum Scale
> How many customers also use the commands found in /usr/lpp/mmfs/gui/cli / ? )

> Daniel

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