[gpfsug-discuss] Subject: Re: Can HSM be installed on the GPFS client host?

Wahl, Edward ewahl at osc.edu
Mon Dec 8 18:38:29 GMT 2014

I think the HSM has to run on a 'gpfs server' node for the DMAPI agent (mmlsfs -z option) to work properly, but I'm not 100% sure about this nor have I tested it.  Simple enough to do, I guess.

  We run TSM on a server nodes, but those nodes are not an NSD nodes, just CNFS nodes (but they still have the server license).  We found that TSM backs up significantly faster from non-nsd nodes. 

There isn't much to the HSM as far as components.  Just the rpms/debs.  Mostly it's a setup issue with the DMAPI on the servers, the config files for the HSM and TSM.

If the HSM works fine from a client node, the servers would still have to have DMAPI enabled. (mmchfs -z yes)   I see to recall one of the two products having a guide that talks about this setup and what lives where.  But that could be from when we were testing LTFS-EE.  After a while with all the same components they mix together.

Ed Wahl

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Hi, Jon and Bryan,

Thanks for your reply.

So if I have the following hosts now,
(All of them are RHEL6)

GPFS cluster with two gpfs servers:
   hostname: gpfs01
   hostname: gpfs02
Note: This GPFS cluster provides a file system: /gpfs/slac/a/b/

TSM server:
   hotsname: tsmServer

HSM host:
   hostname: hsmA

Host hsmA is a TSM client to tsmServer,
Host hsmA is a GPFS client to gpfs01/gpfs02 and has access to /gpfs/slac/a/b/ file system

The goal now is to migrate files in /gpfs/slac/a/b/ to TSM via the gpfs client hsmA

What HSM components should be installed on host hsmA?
What HSM components should be installed on host gpfs01/gpfs02? (We hope none)



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On 05/12/14 21:38, Bryan Banister wrote:

> Yes, but be aware that the GPFS client host will need to have a GPFS
> Server License,
I think the node hosting the HSM will also have to be an admin host if
you have admin mode central as well.


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