[gpfsug-discuss] Introduction from GPFS DownUnder

Tony Steel red_steel at au1.ibm.com
Wed Dec 10 03:40:34 GMT 2014

A short note to introduce myself as requested by the Chair.

Known as Red - work for IBM (ATS) in IBM Aust/NZ - mainly
Currently playing with GPFS installed in PowerKVM hypervisor layer - a
great backing store for the VM images.
Having fun with the 4.1 GUI for another customer, but providing a front end
script for them to manager their snapshots until the GUI is released.

 - Sense Amid Madness, Wit Amidst Folly -
------- Antony (Red) Steel, Advanced Technical Skills
Senior IT Specialist       Ph: +61 293978414        Mb: +61 409 971 083
   Home Page:  http://sydgsa.ibm.com/projects/t/team_web/index.html
-----------------------------  red at austin.ibm.com

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