[gpfsug-discuss] Use HSM to backup GPFS - error message: ANS9085E

Jez Tucker Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk
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Hello Grace

  This is most likely because the file system that you're trying to manage via Space Management isn't configured as such.

I.E. the -z flag in mmlsfs



This IBM red book should be a good starting point and includes the information you need should you with to setup GPFS drives TSM migration (using THRESHOLD).


Suggest you read the red book first and decide which method you'd like.



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I have a GPFS system verson 3.4, which includes the following two GPFS file systems with the directories:


I like to use HSM to backup these GPFS files to the tapes in our TSM server (RHAT 6.2, TSM 6.3).
I run  HSM GUI on this GPFS server, the list of the file systems on this GPFS server is as follows:

File System                  State        Size(KB)       Free(KB)   ...
/                         Not Manageable
/boot                  Not Manageable
/gpfs_directory1       Not Managed
/gpfs_directory2       Not Managed

I click "gpfs_directory1", and click "Manage"
I got error:
A conflicting Space Management process is already running in the /gpfs_directory1 file system.
Please wait until the Space management process is ready and try again.

The dsmerror.log  shows the message:
"ANS9085E hsmapi: file system /gpfs_directory1 is not managed by space management"

Is there anything on GPFS or HSM or TSM server that I didnt configure correctly?  Please help.  Thanks.


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