[gpfsug-discuss] Use HSM to backup GPFS - error message: ANS9085E

Jez Tucker Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk
Wed May 30 08:56:42 BST 2012

On the command line:

What's the output of dsmmigfs query -Detail


ps -ef | grep dsm

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I have a GPFS system verson 3.4, which includes the following two GPFS file systems with the directories:


I like to use HSM to backup these GPFS files to the tapes in our TSM server (RHAT 6.2, TSM 6.3).
I run  HSM GUI on this GPFS server, the list of the file systems on this GPFS server is as follows:

File System                  State        Size(KB)       Free(KB)   ...
/                         Not Manageable
/boot                  Not Manageable
/gpfs_directory1       Not Managed
/gpfs_directory2       Not Managed

I click "gpfs_directory1", and click "Manage"
I got error:
A conflicting Space Management process is already running in the /gpfs_directory1 file system.
Please wait until the Space management process is ready and try again.

The dsmerror.log  shows the message:
"ANS9085E hsmapi: file system /gpfs_directory1 is not managed by space management"

Is there anything on GPFS or HSM or TSM server that I didnt configure correctly?  Please help.  Thanks.


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