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Simon Thompson s.j.thompson at bham.ac.uk
Mon Nov 1 14:50:54 GMT 2021

Hi All,

I’m planning to take a step-back from running the Spectrum Scale user group in the UK later this year/early next year and this means we need someone (or people) to step up to run the user group in the UK.

I took over running the user group in 2015 and a lot has changed since then … the group got bigger, we moved to multi-day sessions, a pandemic struck and we moved online … now as things are maybe returning to normal, I think it is time for someone else to take leadership of the group in the UK and work out how to take it forwards.

If you are interested in taking up running the group in the UK, please drop me an email, or DM on Slack and let me know. It doesn’t necessarily need to be one person running the group, and having several would help with some of the logistics of running the events. To be truly independent, which we have always tried to be, I’ve always thought that the person/people running the group should come from the end-user community…

I’ll likely still be around at events, and happy to provide organisational support if needed … but I don’t really have the time needed for the group at the moment.

Hopefully there’s someone interested in taking the group forwards in the future …

UK Group Chair
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