[gpfsug-discuss] Disk in unrecovered state

Bryan Banister bbanister at jumptrading.com
Tue Jan 12 15:11:22 GMT 2021

Definitely recommend getting a IBM Case in and ask someone for direct assistance (Zoom even).

Then also check that you can access all of the underlying storage with READ ONLY operations from all defined NSD Servers in the NSD ServerList for nsd18jbod1 and nsd19jbod1.
Given the name of the NSDs, sound like there is not any RAID protection on theses disks.  If so then you would have serious data loss issues with one of the drives corrupted.

Hope that helps,

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   Since this moning I have a couple of disk (7) in down state, I have tried to start them again but after that they change to unrecovered.
   These "failed" disk are only DATA. Both pool Data and Metadata has two failures groups, and set replica to 2. The Metadata disks are in two different enclosures one for each filure group. The filesystem has been unmounted , but when i have tried to run the mmfsck told me the I should remove the down disk

   [root at gpfs06 ~]# mmlsdisk gpfs2 -L | grep -v up
disk         driver   sector     failure holds    holds                                    storage
------------ -------- ------ ----------- -------- ----- ------------- ------------ ------- ------------ ---------
nsd18jbod1   nsd         512           2 No       Yes   to be emptied unrecovered       26 data
nsd19jbod1   nsd         512           2 No       Yes   ready         unrecovered          27 data
nsd19jbod2   nsd         512           3 No       Yes   ready         down                      46 data
nsd24jbod2   nsd         512           3 No       Yes   ready         down                      51 data
nsd57jbod1   nsd         512           2 No       Yes   ready         down                    109 data
nsd61jbod1   nsd         512           2 No       Yes   ready         down             113 data
nsd71jbod1   nsd         512           2 No       Yes   ready         down             123 data

Any help is welcomed.
Regards, I

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