[gpfsug-discuss] mmsysmon exception with pmcollector socket being absent

Ragho Mahalingam ragho.mahalingam+spectrumscaleug at pathai.com
Thu Aug 26 16:49:59 BST 2021


We've been working on setting up mmperfmon; after creating a new
configuration with the new collector on the same manager node, mmsysmon
keeps throwing exceptions.

  File "/usr/lpp/mmfs/lib/mmsysmon/container/PerfmonController.py", line
123, in _getDataFromZimonSocket
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Tracing this a bit, it appears that SOCKET_PATH is
 /var/run/perfmon/pmcollector.socket and this unix domain socket is absent,
even though pmcollector has started and is running successfully.

Under what scenarios is pmcollector supposed to create this socket?  I
don't see any configuration for this in /opt/IBM/zimon/ZIMonCollector.cfg,
so I'm assuming the socket is automatically created when pmcollector starts.

Any thoughts on how to debug and resolve this?

Thanks, Ragu

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