[gpfsug-discuss] Quick delete of huge tree

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan.buzzard at strath.ac.uk
Tue Apr 20 14:51:35 BST 2021

On 20/04/2021 13:09, Ulrich Sibiller wrote:

>> Consider using mv to move it out the way or hide it while the delete is
>> in progress. If you do that think carefully about backups, you don't
>> want to back it all up again while it is being deleted :-)
> ;-) Yeah, that's why I did not the do the mv in the first place ;-)

I would estimate (based on my experience) is that you should be able to 
delete that amount of data/files in under 24 hours anyway with a simple 
rm -rf. Which is why I question trying to find faster methods. You have 
already wasted a significant amount of that time :-)

If your using TSM for the backup then just exclude it from the backup in 
your dsm.opts file

exclude.dir  <path to directory>

We have a NOBACK option that allows users to select if they don't want 
something backing up. Helpful if your job generates lots of temporary 
files or data that are junked as soon as the job finishes. Anything 
under a directory called NOBACK does not get backed up.

exclude.dir  /.../NOBACK/


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