[gpfsug-discuss] RFE upvote request for "Change NSD Name" RFE

Christopher Black cblack at nygenome.org
Tue Dec 1 19:26:25 GMT 2020

+1 from me.
Someone did a building block install for us and named a couple io nodes with initial upper case (unlike all other unix hostnames in our env which are all lowercase). For a while it just bothered us, and we complained occasionally to hear that it was not easy to change. Over two years after install a case-sensitive bug in call home hit us on those two io nodes.


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Subject: [gpfsug-discuss] RFE upvote request for "Change NSD Name" RFE

Hey all…

Hope all your clusters are up and performing well…

Got a new RFE (I searched and didn’t find anything like it) for your consideration.  The ability to change the name of an existing NSD:

We embed information into the NSD name, which sometimes needs to be updated.  However there isn’t a way to simply change the NSD name.  You can update the NSD ServerList, but not the name.  You can remove the NSD from a file system, delete it, then recreate with a new name and add it back into the file system, but there are obvious risks and serious space and performance impacts to production file systems when performing these operations.

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