[gpfsug-discuss] Monitoring capacity and health status for a multitude of GPFS clusters

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Not sure if I'm formatting this message properly (need to switch off of
digest mode), but I know of no plans to replace the GPFS command line
interface with a GUI. With the GPFS GUI, TPC monitoring, etc., we want to
enable a wider variety of users to effectively use and manage GPFS, but the
command line will of course remain available for power users,
script-writers, etc. I certainly don't intend to throw away any of my nice
mm-themed test programs :-)

Jamie Davis

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Thanks for your replies. I can definitely appreciate the the goal of
improving management of components, and I agree that if GPFS will be using
within other products (which it is and will continue to be), then it would
be great for those products to be able to manage GPFS via an interface.

My fear with the idea of the above mentioned as a prereq is that the
"improvement" of management might looks like an improvement when you only
have 1 or 2 tiers of storage and 1 or 2 filesets called "database" and
another fileset called "user files", but if you have hundreds or thousands
of filesets and several tiers of storage, with both GSS and non-GSS systems
in the same cluster, then the GUI may actually be more cumbersome than the
original method. So, I just want to voice an opinion that we should
continue to be able to configure / maintain / monitor GPFS in a programatic
/ scriptable non-point-and-click way, if possible.

Jamie Davis
GPFS Functional Verification Test (FVT)
jamiedavis at us.ibm.com
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