[gpfsug-discuss] Monitoring capacity and health status for a multitude of GPFS clusters

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Thanks Jamie. I appreciate the input. Glad to hear it.

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 8:23 AM, James Davis <jamiedavis at us.ibm.com> wrote:

> Zach,
> Not sure if I'm formatting this message properly (need to switch off of
> digest mode), but I know of no plans to replace the GPFS command line
> interface with a GUI. With the GPFS GUI, TPC monitoring, etc., we want to
> enable a wider variety of users to effectively use and manage GPFS, but the
> command line will of course remain available for power users,
> script-writers, etc. I certainly don't intend to throw away any of my nice
> mm-themed test programs :-)
> Jamie Davis
> GPFS Test
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> Thanks for your replies. I can definitely appreciate the the goal of
> improving management of components, and I agree that if GPFS will be using
> within other products (which it is and will continue to be), then it would
> be great for those products to be able to manage GPFS via an interface.
> My fear with the idea of the above mentioned as a prereq is that the
> "improvement" of management might looks like an improvement when you only
> have 1 or 2 tiers of storage and 1 or 2 filesets called "database" and
> another fileset called "user files", but if you have hundreds or thousands
> of filesets and several tiers of storage, with both GSS and non-GSS systems
> in the same cluster, then the GUI may actually be more cumbersome than the
> original method. So, I just want to voice an opinion that we should
> continue to be able to configure / maintain / monitor GPFS in a programatic
> / scriptable non-point-and-click way, if possible.
> Jamie Davis
> GPFS Functional Verification Test (FVT)
> jamiedavis at us.ibm.com
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