[gpfsug-discuss] Texas Memory Systems Metadata Proposal - Request for interested parties

David Lawrence david.l at ramsan.com
Fri Feb 10 10:24:40 GMT 2012

Dear GPFS User Group members.

No one wants the GPFS user group to turn into a sales marketing list, so this will be the one and only email on this subject from me in 2012.

I was at the user group meeting in Warwick when every speaker seemed to mention solid state storage as a requirement for GPFS metadata and I met a number of people interested in using our systems for metadata at MEW.

I am trying to create an Academic and Research offering in the UK, which would allow for academic and government research institutions to purchase a pair of RamSan systems specifically for metadata, at a special price.

(FYI - Currently a pair of 2TB systems each providing perhaps 250,000 IOPS would be close to £108,000. I would hope to be able to offer this solution for something below £50k, if there is enough interest from the community. )

TMS normally does not discount at all, so I need your declaration of interest to create a large enough community to initiate an exception.

This email is therefore trying to gauge how much interest there is in having a special offering for this metadata solution.

May I ask that you send me a personal email at the address below, if you would be interested (no commitment) in such an offering.

Thank you.

Kind regards

David Lawrence
UK Country Manager
Texas Memory Systems
The World's Fastest Storage®
Office: +44 (0) 1179 237 984
Mobile: +44 (0) 788 44 98 220
David.L at ramsan.com<mailto:David.L at ramsan.com>

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