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Our events are all advertised on the group mailing list, and so this page may be a little out of date from time to time. You should check the posts on the mailing list for details on how to register for events. All events require registration.
We run several types of event:

  • Main group meetings - usually 1 or 2 days annually
  • Meet the Devs - small informal meetings with a few devs, every few months
  • User group meetings @events - typically shorter than main group meetings but coinciding with other conferences or events

We currently organise events in the UK, USA and Australia. We're happy to advertise local technical group events in other regions, please get in touch if this is the case. Note that some events which are not organised by the user group may have a charge for attendance by the organiser, please check the details of the event carefully.

Upcoming Events

  • 28th September 2017, SSUG @ HPCXXL, New York Academy of Medicine, NY, USA. Register here
  • 17th October 2017 - Spectrum Scale User Group Australia, Brisbane, Australia Register here
  • 12th November 2017 - Spectrum Scale User Group Meeting @ SC17 - Denver, CO, USA
  • 12th December 2017 - Spectrum Scale User Group @ CIUK, Manchester, UK
  • 28th February-1st March 2018 - German Spectrum Scale User Meeting
  • Spectrum Scale (GPFS) User Group main UK meeting - 18-19th April 2018, London, England (Registration not yet open)

Recent Events

  • Spectrum Scale User Group, Perth Australia - 3rd-4th August 2017
  • Spectrum Scale (GPFS) User Group main UK meeting - 9-10th May 2017, Manchester, England Details
  • Spectrum Scale (GPFS) User Group Australia meeting - 27th April 2017, IBM Centre North, Sydney, Australia
  • Spectrum Scale (GPFS) User Group main USA meeting - 4-5th April 2017, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), California, USA
  • SSUG @CIUK, 14th December 2016, Manchester Central
  • SSUG @SC16, 13th November 2016, Salt Lake City Downtown Marriott, 75 SW Temple Street, Salt Lake City UT Details
  • SSUG Meet the Devs (Cloud), 20th October 2016, University of Birmingham Details
  • Australian User Group, 14th October 2016, Pullman Hotel, Albert Park, Melbourne Details
  • SSUG Main UK meeting, 17-18th May 2016, IBM South bank, London Details
  • IBM Event: Introduction to Spectrum Scale (in German) – Ehningen – March 8, 2016 Details. note this is an IBM event
  • IBM Event: Spectrum Scale Expert Workshop (in German) – Ehningen – March 9+10, 2016 Details. note this is an IBM event
  • Meet the Devs - 24th February 2016, Oxford University, Oxford, UK - Register by emailing the secretary
  • SPXXL Event: SPXXL GPFS Workshop - 17th Feb 2016, Leibniz Supercomputing Center, Garching, Germany. note this is an SPXXL event
  • GPFS User Group @CIUK - 8th December 2015, Computing Insight, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK (note you must also be registered for CIUK to attend) Presentations
  • GPFS User Group @SC15 - 15th November 2015, Austin, USA Presentations
  • Meet the Devs - 23rd October 2015, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, UK Report
  • First USA Meet the Devs - 7th October 2015, IBM Manhattan, New York City, USA Report
  • Meet the Devs - 29th July 2015, IBM Warwick, Warwick, UK Report
  • GPFS User Group main meeting - 20th May 2015, York Race Course, York, UK Presentations
  • Meet the Devs - 28th May 2015, IBM Manchester Labs, Manchester, UK Report
  • Meet the Devs - 18th February 2015, IBM Southbank, London, UK Report
  • IBM Meeting at SC14 - New Orleans Presentations (not run by User Group)
  • GPFS User Group main meeting - 29th April 2014, IBM Southbank, London, UK Presentations
  • IBM Meeting at SC13 - Colorado Presentations (not run by User Group)
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