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We try and get permission from the presenters/IBM to post their slides on the user group website, in some cases we can't post the slides, and some slide decks may be modified from the original presentation to remove NDA content.


Spectrum Scale User Group Meeting, Manchester, UK (May)

Day 1
Day 2

Spectrum Scale Two-day Users Group Meeting, NERSC, Berkeley, California (April 4-5)

April 4
April 5

IBM User Group, Ehningen, Germany


User Group @SC16, Salt Lake City, USA, November 13th 2016

User Group@Argonne National Lab, USA, June 10th 2016

User Group 13, IBM South Bank, London, UK

Zip containing all talks
Opening & Welcome - Simon Thompson & Claire O'Toole
Keynote talk - Doris Conti (no slides)
4.2 Roadmap & 2016 Priorities, Ulf Troppens
Deep Dive - 4.2 GUI & Live Demo, Markus Rohwedder (no slides)
Sponsor Talk 1 - Seagate: Using Spectrum Scale in the IoT World, Ray Coetzee
Sponsor Talk 2 - ArcaStream: Python API & Demo, Jez Tucker
User Talk 2 - Milk flows freely from London to Cardiff with AFM, Dave Goodbourn, Milk Visual Effects
Sponsor Talk 3 - NetApp: HPC - How NetApp plays in this world, Molinder Toor
User Talk 1 - NCAR's Globally Accessible Data Environment, Pamela Gillman, NCAR
Deep Dive - Hadoop Integration, Piyush Chaudhry
Sponsor Talk 4 - Mellanox: Accelerating storage functions in a co-design network, Darren Harkins
Technical Deep Dive - Tiering to the Cloud / MC Store, Robert Basham
Technical Deep Dive - Problem Determination Enhancements, Mathias Dietz
Licensing, David Cremise
Sponsor Talk 5 - OCF: Scale out NAS for the masses, Laurence Horrocks-Barlow
Spectrum Scale ILM & Spectrum Archive, Nils Haustein (introductory)
Metadata sizing / tuning, Indulis Bernsteins, Madhav Ponamgi (advanced)
AFM Introduction and use cases, Madhav Ponamgi (introductory)
Spectrum Protect Integration & Best Practices, Nils Haustein (Backup and HSM) (advanced)
Encryption / Compression, Olaf Weiser, Yoann Lechevallier (introductory)
Spectrum Protect with Spectrum Scale, Nils Haustein (advanced)
A few words from IBM (room survey)
Sponsor Talk 6 - DDN: Adventures in AFM, Vic Cornell
Deep Dive - OpenStack Integration, Gauging Tapase
Sponsor Talk 7 - IBM: Life Sciences, Frank Lee
Sponsor Talk 8 - Lenovo, Michael Hennecke
A look into the future by IBM Research, Sven Oehme

IBM University, Rome April 2016

(This event was an IBM organised event in Italy, they have kindly agreed we can publish the slides)

IBM Spectrum Scale Expert workshop

(This event was an IBM organised event in Germany, they have kindly agreed we can publish the slides)

Meet the Devs, Oxford




User Group @SC15, Austin, Texas

User Group 11, York, UK


GPFS @SC'14, New Orleans, Louisiana

User Group 10, IBM South Bank


GPFS @SC'13, Denver, Colorado

User Group 8


User Group 7

User Group 6

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