[gpfsug-discuss] Question about subnets parameter and remote cluster mounts

Leonardo Sala leonardo.sala at psi.ch
Fri May 5 14:45:06 BST 2023

Dear Achim

thanks, it is clearer now! I read the docs, but it was not very clear to 
me - now I understand that it is enough to specify the parameter on the 
client cluster.

Have a nice weekend!


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On 5/4/23 00:00, Achim Rehor wrote:
> Dear Leonardo,
> you will find a description in the Concepts, Planning, and Installation
> Guide in the GPFS daemon communication section, explaining how the
> startup mechanism works.
> The Administration Guide contains an explanation on MROTs specifics for
> the subnets usage (Chapter 17 in the 5.1.7. version)
> Chapter 33 focuses on remote cluster mounts and contains examples.
> Basically, the node join triggers the compare and the matching, thus a
> client clusters node uses it's subnets configuration (including the
> remote clusters clustername) to initiate the connection.
> On the storage cluster you can also diffentiate your existing subnets
> for use with separate remote mounting clusters. I would recommend still
> to do it on both, just to be precise.
> Initially the idea (as can be seen in the examples in Chapter 33) was
> to force the daemon communication to the storage NSD servers to use the
> 'high speed' network, rather than the lower bandwidth common admin
> network.
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