[gpfsug-discuss] spanning datacenter to AWS

Bill Peters WPeters at ATPCO.NET
Wed Feb 22 17:50:50 GMT 2023

Hello all,
I've been on the mailing list for a few years but have not been active except my introduction email.

We are having an issue I'd like to run past everyone and see if anyone has experience that may help.

Currently using Spectrum Scale Data Management Edition

Our Spectrum Scale cluster is running on Linux VMs on IBM z/VM. We have one application that
cannot support the z/VM architecture so we used to have those servers running on VMware in our
datacenter and those servers were client nodes in the Spectrum Scale cluster. This configuration
worked great. We recently retired VMWare and moved all that workload to AWS. Because this
was no longer on our LAN we thought it would be a good idea (IBM support also recommended it) to
use CES NFS rather than adding the AWS instances to the cluster. Since doing this we have seen
problems under high IO. Some NFS clients will try to access files that don't seem to be there
resulting in file not found errors. We know the files have been created but the NFS clients can't
see them. The read process runs successfully shortly after. We are not saturating our AWS

I haven't seen any NFS tuning that looks like it would help, but that is an option I would be willing to try.
The other option I'm thinking about is just adding the NFS clients to the cluster. Has anyone spanned
datacenters like this?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.


Bill Peters
Senior Platform Engineer
wpeters at atpco.net<mailto:wpeters at atpco.net>

45005 Aviation Drive
Dulles, VA 20166

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