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Oct 17th 2022 - 17:00-18:00 Session 10B LOCATION: Virtual Room B


Greg Mewhinney and Paul Mazzurana

Spectrum Scale on IBM Cloud

PRESENTER: Greg Mewhinney




The IBM Cloud Workload Engineering Services team partnered with the Spectrum Scale development team earlier this year to bring a high performance resilient distributed storage offering to IBM Cloud that leverages Spectrum Scale. From a tile in the IBM Cloud catalog, our customers can fill out a configuration page specifying the parameters of their desired storage and compute clusters. Click start, and set into motion a large, concerted effort that uses IBM Cloud Schematics, Terraform and Ansible to deploy and configure a multitude of IBM Cloud VPC resources, that will, in less than an hour, culminate in cloud based high performance parallel filesystem storage and compute clusters that are ready to run.


In this talk we will lift the curtain and describe what is going on behind the scenes to prepare the cluster and how performance measurements and optimizations have shaped this offering. We will explain and give examples of how we process, organize and analyze Terraform logs to understand a provisioning process that can include up to 100 simultaneous tasks. We will use this data to show how we can separate the consequential processes that require synchronization delays from those whose runtime is masked by longer running processes. After explaining the analysis and optimizations applied to cluster creation, we will shift gears and cover the important details of the storage cluster’s runtime performance. We will tour the hardware showing how we build a performance picture piece by piece. Measuring IOPS and throughput on raw disks, checking that the network links meet their advertised throughput, and making sure the numbers add up at every step before concluding with a detailed discussion of the stunning performance numbers that can be achieved by employing IBM Cloud bare metal hosts with NVMe storage in our Spectrum Scale filesystem.


Frank Kraemer

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