[gpfsug-discuss] ESS and Disk Paths

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan.buzzard at strath.ac.uk
Tue May 10 23:08:38 BST 2022

On 10/05/2022 20:57, Wahl, Edward wrote:

> There is much you can do with 'lsscsi' and "mmlspdisk" and whatnot.    
>   Or something like "mmgetpdisktopology  > /tmp/mmgetpdisktopology.out; 
> topsummary /tmp/mmgetpdisktopology.out   > topsummary"
> mmlspdisk should all 4 paths with 2 being notenabled.  Look for missing 
> paths?  This may be the fastest.
> " device = 
> "//ibmgssio5-hs.ten/dev/sdo(notEnabled),//ibmgssio5-hs.ten/dev/sdfe(notEnabled),//ibmgssio6-hs.ten/dev/sdo,//ibmgssio6-hs.ten/dev/sdfe"  > "

On a DSS-G you can hop onto one of the servers and do

lsscsi | grep disk | grep -v RAID | awk 'END {print NR/2}'

The number should be the number of disks that you have including the log 
tip drives. If it's not then there is a path issue. I would imagine it's 
the same on the ESS.

If I thought about it for a bit you could ditch the two greps and do it 
all in Awk. If the Awk is too complicated just replace it with 'wc -l' 
but you will end up with a number that should be twice the number of drives.


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