[gpfsug-discuss] TCT Premigration Question

Christian Petersson christian.petersson at isstech.io
Wed May 11 08:33:13 BST 2022

I have set up a new Spectrum Scale Cluster where we are using TCT
Premigration to a Ceph S3 Cluster, the premigration itself works fine and I
got data to our S3 storage.
But from time to time I reach our S3 max sessions and get the following
errors in our policy.

<1> MCSTG000130E: Command Failed with following reason: Request failed with
error : com.ibm.gpfsconnector.messages.GpfsConnectorException: Unable to
migrate data to the cloud, an unexpected exception occurred :
com.amazonaws.ResetException: The request to the service failed with a
retryable reason, but resetting the request input stream has failed. See
exception.getExtraInfo or debug-level logging for the original failure that
caused this retry.;  If the request involves an input stream, the maximum
stream buffer size can be configured via

But I wonder, if a file get skipt, will Spectrum Scale Automatic retry that
file again later or will that be skipped and how can I catch does files for
a new migration?

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Christian Petersson

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