[gpfsug-discuss] ESS and Disk Paths

Peter Childs p.childs at qmul.ac.uk
Tue May 10 20:17:41 BST 2022

We have a nearly new ESS5000 (we're still attempting to commission it...)

Anyway, does anyone know a quick way to check if all the paths to the trays are working?

We've got 5 trays and one of the Servers can only see one of the 5 trays via one path, and its not causing an alert until we run a full "gnrhealthcheck" which we only found when attempting to upgrade it.  Looking closer in the gui all the disks in that tray are recording 3 paths not 4 but its not causing any health alerts.

Don't worry we've got a ticket open and they are attempting to replace the cable, I'm just attempting to find a nice quick way to detect the problem and know when its resolved rather than waiting 5 minutes while the gnrhealthcheck runs. 

Peter Childs
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