[gpfsug-discuss] How to shrink GPFS on DSSG's?

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Mon Jun 20 21:07:03 BST 2022

Okay if you have double parity why not just resize the disk.  And let gpfs
recover using the parity.  And by the way there is a qos setting for
maintenance operations and you can give that higher priority to make the
recovery/deleting/adding operations quicker.  Also I don't know if this
matters in gpfs but you may want to change the affinity for disk
(distribute the primary/first node for each disk/Christmas tree it) to a
different servers to spread the load. I don't know if gpfs will actually
use that to distribute load, but worth checking.


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> On 20/06/2022 20:12, Jaime Pinto wrote:
> >
> > Thanks JAB and Luis
> >
> > I know, there are mmdelnsd, mmdeldisk, mmrestripefs and a few other
> > correlated mm* commands. They are very high-level in work in bulk
> > discreet fashion (I mean, considering the number of NSDs we have, each
> > deletion will shave 4% of the storage at once, that is too much).
> >
> Then you are goosed. An NSD cannot be changed in size once created and
> can only ever be in a file system or out a file system. The only way to
> change the size of a GPFS file system is by adding or removing NSD's.
> I am not a fan of how the DSS-G creates small numbers of huge NSD's. In
> fact the script sucks a *lot* from a systems admin perspective. Then
> again someone at IBM thought redeploying your entire OS every time you
> want to make a point release upgrade was a good idea.
> JAB.
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