[gpfsug-discuss] How to shrink GPFS on DSSG's?

Jaime Pinto pinto at scinet.utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 20 19:04:05 BST 2022

I'm wondering if it's possible to shrink GPFS gracefully. I've seen some references to that effect on some presentations, however I can't find detailed instructions on any formal IBM documentation on how to do it.

About 3 years ago we launched a new GPFS deployment with 3 DSS-G enclosures (9.6PB usable).
Some 1.5 years later we added 2 more enclosures, for a total of 16PB, and only 7PB occupancy so far.

Basically I'd like to return to the original 3 enclosures, and still maintain the (8+2p) parity level.

Any suggestions?

Jaime Pinto - Storage Analyst
SciNet HPC Consortium - www.scinet.utoronto.ca
University of Toronto

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