[gpfsug-discuss] add local nsd back to cluster?

Kidger, Daniel daniel.kidger at hpe.com
Thu Jul 28 10:58:29 BST 2022

Yes you can – this is actually the same case as SAN attached storage (eg the usual twin tailed).
You simply reinstall Linux on that node and add it back to the cluster (mmsdrrestore).

The NSD drives are unaffected in the same way that they would have been if they were in a separate 2U SAN shelf


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Hi all,

I am planning to implement  a cluster with a bunch of old x86 machines, the disks are not connected to nodes via the SAN network, instead each x86 machine has some local attached disks.
The question is regarding node failure, for example only the operating system disk fails and the nsd disks are good. In that case I plan to replace the failing OS disk with a new one and install the OS on it and re-attach these nsd disks to that node, my question is: will this work? how can I add a nsd back to the cluster without restoring data from other replicas since the data/metadata is actually not corrupted on nsd.

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