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Billich Heinrich Rainer (ID) heinrich.billich at id.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 20 10:55:01 GMT 2022

I just wonder if I can  set a fileset to readonly - or link it as readonly. When I do data migration or finished a project which has it’s own fileset  assigned it would be nice if I could just set the fileset to readonly to make sure that nothing and nobody can do any changes. There may be more cases …
Immutability seems overkill, and I can’t revert it
Related: If I setup an afm cache fileset in readonly mode – is this enforced on the cache side or just by convention? The afm gateways need to write to cache anyway, so probably other processes can, too?
If anybody could comment and maybe also explain why it’s been designed the way it is?
Thank you,

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