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Hi Steve,

Can you please look into the below query from Hannappel.

Regards, The Spectrum Scale (GPFS) team


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From:	"Hannappel, Juergen" <juergen.hannappel at desy.de>
To:	"gpfsug main discussion list"
            <gpfsug-discuss at spectrumscale.org>
Date:	13-01-2022 11.46 PM
Subject:	[EXTERNAL] [gpfsug-discuss] struct dirent d_type for fifos on
Sent by:	gpfsug-discuss-bounces at spectrumscale.org

I noticed that whe I read directory entries with the usual readdir()
function that
for fifos I get in the d_type files a 0, i.e. DT_UNKNOWN while if I try
that on a
different file system e.g. ext4 I get the expected DT_FIFO.

Is this a bug or an expected feature?

Dr. Jürgen Hannappel  DESY/IT    Tel.  : +49 40 8998-4616
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