[gpfsug-discuss] How to do multiple mounts via GPFS

Justin Cantrell cantrell at astro.gsu.edu
Tue Feb 22 17:24:09 GMT 2022

We're trying to mount multiple mounts at boot up via gpfs.
We can mount the main gpfs mount /gpfs1, but would like to mount things 
/home /gpfs1/home
/other /gpfs1/other
/stuff /gpfs1/stuff

But adding that to fstab doesn't work, because from what I understand, 
that's not how gpfs works with mounts.
What's the standard way to accomplish something like this?
We've used systemd timers/mounts to accomplish it, but that's not ideal.
Is there a way to do this natively with gpfs or does this have to be 
done through symlinks or gpfs over nfs?

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