[gpfsug-discuss] Problems with python dependencies in ./spectrumscale during upgrade

Kidger, Daniel daniel.kidger at hpe.com
Wed Aug 24 10:32:41 BST 2022

I am trying to upgrade a Spectrum Scale cluster from 5.1.1-2 to 5.1.4-1

If I try and use the ./spectrumscale toolkit from 5.1.4-1 it fails with:

mmfs]# ./ --version
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 23, in <module>
    from cli.main import commands
  File "/usr/lpp/mmfs/", line 15, in <module>
    from .install import commands as install_commands
  File "/usr/lpp/mmfs/", line 14, in <module>
    from espylib import install as install_specscale
  File "/usr/lpp/mmfs/", line 37, in <module>
    from .httpserver import http_start
  File "/usr/lpp/mmfs/", line 41, in <module>
    import cherrypy
  File "/usr/lpp/mmfs/", line 73, in <module>
    from ._cptools import default_toolbox as tools, Tool
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cherrypy._cptools'

Yet the tookit from the original 5.1.1-2 produces no errors
mmfs]# ./ --version
IBM Spectrum Scale Ansible Install Toolkit release:

I have RHEL 8.3 (but plan to upgrade to 8.6) if that is relevant
Also if relevant my Ansible is:
mmfs]# rpm -qa |grep ansible
and my python is 3.6.8


Daniel Kidger
HPC Storage Solutions Architect, EMEA
daniel.kidger at hpe.com<mailto:daniel.kidger at hpe.com>

+44 (0)7818 522266


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