[gpfsug-discuss] add local nsd back to cluster?

Christian Vieser christian.vieser at 1und1.de
Wed Aug 3 10:30:18 BST 2022

Yes, this works without any issues. After re-installing a node, just 
issue a "mmsdrrestore -N <hostname>" from one of the other nodes in the 

In case you are working with ssh authentication between the hosts, it is 
helpful to have the ssh host keys and root user keys in your backup and 
restore them after re-install, otherwise it's a hassle to distribute new 
keys on all other cluster nodes (authorized_keys and known_hosts).

> I am planning to implement  a cluster with a bunch of old x86 
> machines, the disks are not connected to nodes via the SAN network, 
> instead each x86 machine has some local attached disks.
> The question is regarding node failure, for example only the operating 
> system disk fails and the nsd disks are good. In that case I plan to 
> replace the failing OS disk with a new one and install the OS on it 
> and re-attach these nsd disks to that node, my question is: will this 
> work? how can I add a nsd back to the cluster without restoring data 
> from other replicas since the data/metadata is actually not corrupted 
> on nsd.
> Best regards,

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