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Madhav Ponamgi1 mzp at us.ibm.com
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There are 3 flavors of NFS Kerberos (I'm only going to address NFS 4.x):
Krb5 - encrypts authentication
Krtbi - encrypts authentication and provides checksums (reducing 
man-in-the-middle attacks)
Krb5p - End-to-end encryption with integrity checking

The Krb5p protocol provides ultimate security but comes at a cost where 
all NFS packets will be encrypted (mount authenticated) and with 
checksums.   This
can add considerable overhead (for example, using AES-256 is similar to 
SMB3 signing and sealing).   There are AES-NI off-loading engines to 
reduce this
overhead.   So it is not surprising to see significant performance drop 
when using Krb5p versus Krb5.

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Today's Topics:

   1. nfs krb5p performance (Jon Diprose)


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From: Jon Diprose <jon at well.ox.ac.uk>
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Subject: [gpfsug-discuss] nfs krb5p performance
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We have just started using the nfs protocol with SECTYPE=krb5p and are a 
little surprised by the performance impact - looks like down to a third of 
that of SECTYPE=krb5. Would any of you using krb5p be kind enough to share 
your estimates of impact? Not sure if we have a misconfiguration of setup 
or expectation.

Dr. Jonathan Diprose <jon at well.ox.ac.uk>             Tel: 01865 287873
Research Computing Manager
Henry Wellcome Building for Genomic Medicine
Roosevelt Drive, Headington, Oxford OX3 7BN


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