[gpfsug-discuss] du --apparent-size and quota

Dugan, Michael J dugan at bu.edu
Wed Jun 2 13:22:55 BST 2021

Do you have sparse files on the first filesystem? Since the second filesystem
has a larger blocksize than the first one, the copied file may not be sparse on the
second filesystem. I think gpfs only supports holes that line up will a full filesystem

--Mike Dugan

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On 6/2/21 1:09 PM, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
>> My rsync is using -AHS, so this should not be relevant here.
> I wonder have you done more than one rsync? If so are you using --delete?
> If not and the source fileset has changed then you will be accumulating
> files at the destination and it would explain the larger size.

Yes, of course I have been using -delete (and -delete-excluded) ;-)

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