[gpfsug-discuss] mmbackup with own policy

Ulrich Sibiller u.sibiller at science-computing.de
Wed Jun 23 11:10:28 BST 2021


mmbackup offers -P to specify an own policy. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find documentation how 
that policy has to look like.

I mean, if I grab the policy generated automatically by mmbackup it looks like this:

/* Auto-generated GPFS policy rules file
  * Generated on Sat May 29 15:10:46 2021

/*   Server rules for backup server 1
  ***   back5_2   ***
RULE EXTERNAL LIST 'mmbackup.1.back5_2' EXEC '/net/gpfso/fs1/.mmbackupCfg/BAexecScript.gpfsofs1' 
OPTS '"/net/gpfso/fs1/.mmbackupShadow.1.back5_2.filesys.update" "-servername=back5_2" 
"-auditlogname=/net/gpfso/fs1/mmbackup.audit.gpfsofs1.back5_2" "NONE"'
RULE 'BackupRule' LIST 'mmbackup.1.back5_2' DIRECTORIES_PLUS
           VARCHAR(FILE_SIZE)         || ' ' || VARCHAR(FILESET_NAME) ||
           ' ' || 'resdnt' )
         ( (PATH_NAME LIKE '/%/.mmbackup%') OR
           (PATH_NAME LIKE '/%/.mmLockDir' AND MODE LIKE 'd%') OR
           (PATH_NAME LIKE '/%/.mmLockDir/%') OR
           (MODE LIKE 's%')
         (MISC_ATTRIBUTES LIKE '%u%')

If I want use an own policy what of all that is required for mmbackup to find the information it needs?

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