[gpfsug-discuss] PVU question

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan.buzzard at strath.ac.uk
Thu Jul 1 11:07:46 BST 2021

On 29/06/2021 15:41, IBM Spectrum Scale wrote:

> My suggestion for this question is that it should be directed to your 
> IBM sales team and not the Spectrum Scale support team.  My reading of 
> the information you provided is that your processor counts as 2 cores. 
>   As for the PVU value my guess is that at a minimum it is 50 but again 
> that should be a question for your IBM sales team.

But that would require either being able to call a sales representative 
  who understands what you are talking about or for a sales 
representative  to call you back.

Both options seem to be next to impossible hence my question.

> One other option is to switch from processor based licensing for Scale 
> to storage (TB) based licensing.  I think one of the reasons for storage 
> based licensing was to avoid issues like the one you are raising.

Techincally it's for a Spectrum Protect license for the node that backs 
up the Spectrum Scale system. The DSS-G is on disk based licensing so 
that's not a problem.

However the PVU per machine is the same between the two and given the 
difficulties actually getting someone in sales to talk on the subject I 
thought I might ask here.


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