[gpfsug-discuss] OPA HFI and Mellanox HCA on same NSD Server with only ib rdma enabled

Walter Sklenka Walter.Sklenka at EDV-Design.at
Sat Jan 30 05:45:47 GMT 2021

Is it possible to mix OPAcards and Infininiband HCAs on the same server?
In the faq https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/STXKQY/gpfsclustersfaq.html#rdma
They talk about RDMA :
"RDMA is NOT  supported on a node when both Mellanox HCAs and Intel Omni-Path HFIs are ENABLED for RDMA."

So do I understand right: When we do NOT enable  the opa interface we can still enable IB ?
The reason I ask  is, that we have a gpfs cluster of 6 NSD Servers  (wih access to storage)  with opa interfaces which provide access to remote cluster  also via OPA.
A new cluster with HDR interfaces will be implemented soon
They shell have access to the same filesystems

When we add HDR interfaces to  NSD servers  and enable rdma on this network  while disabling rdma on opa we would accept the worse performance via opa . We hope that this provides  still better perf and less technical overhead  than using routers

Or am I totally wrong?
Thank you very much and keep healthy!
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