[gpfsug-discuss] cannot unmount fs

Iban Cabrillo cabrillo at ifca.unican.es
Wed Jan 27 13:20:08 GMT 2021

We have a couple of GPFS fs, gpfs mount on /gpfs and gpfs2 mount on /gpfs/external, the problem is the mount path of the second fs sometimes is missied 
I am trying to mmumount this FS in order to change the mount path. but I cann't. If I make a mmumont gpfs2 or mmumount /gpfs/external I get this error: 

[root at gpfsgui ~]# mmumount gpfs2 
Wed Jan 27 14:11:07 CET 2021: mmumount: Unmounting file systems ... 
umount: /gpfs/external: not mounted 

(/gpfs/external path exists) 

If I try to mmchfs -T XXX , the system says that the FS is already mounted. 

But there is no error in the logs. Any Idea? 

Regards, I 

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