[gpfsug-discuss] Odd GUI behavior - node will not display in GUI, can pull data via command line

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Fri Feb 26 12:18:24 GMT 2021

Bob, could you please provide the version of ESS/Scale you have installed? 
 Also, could you please provide information about the exact GUI screen you 
are using that is not providing the data?

Regards, The Spectrum Scale (GPFS) team

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Date:   02/25/2021 09:41 PM
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [gpfsug-discuss] Odd GUI behavior - node will 
not display in GUI, can pull data via command line
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I have 2 nodes in a new ESS cluster that won’t display data via the GUI, 
but I can pull up data using the command line. Node is healthy, pmsensors 
is running and shows connected to the collector. Command line shows this:
[root at ems1 IBM]# mmperfmon query compareNodes cpu_user -b 3600 -n 2
1:     afmgw03|CPU|cpu_user
2:     afmgw04|CPU|cpu_user
3:     ems1.gpfs.net|CPU|cpu_user
4:     essio1.gpfs.net|CPU|cpu_user
5:     essio2.gpfs.net|CPU|cpu_user
Row           Timestamp  afmgw03  afmgw04     ems1   essio1   essio2
  1 2021-02-25-19:00:00 0.069542 0.059736    0.231 0.196292 0.213047
  2 2021-02-25-20:00:00 0.076463 0.067958 0.270258 0.221003 0.230289
But when I try and view afmgw03 or afmgw04 on the GUI, no data.
What’s up?
Bob Oesterlin
Sr Principal Storage Engineer, Nuance
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