[gpfsug-discuss] Intro

Henrik Morsing henrik at morsing.cc
Wed Feb 3 16:18:44 GMT 2021

Hi all,

I live in Buckinghamshire in the UK, but work in portsmouth for the energy company SSE. 

Some years ago, we bought in two 840TB Spectrum Scale systems to replace our tape libraries. I was put on the project to get it up and running and the tape library phased out, but the project has stalled multiple times.

I am back on the project now, every time it feels like I am starting over, and on top I need to patch it again which was a massive undertaking last time, so I am not looking forward to that.

The clusters are connected via a six link 10Gb/s etherchannel to our Spectrum Protect backup servers. Two of these have been setup, including cross-site replication job, so we do have some idea of it working, but performance monitoring is another aspect I need to look at. I am planning to install njmon+Grafana to see how that looks.

Hope to get lots of tips from this forum!

Henrik Morsing

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