[gpfsug-discuss] alternate path between ESS Servers for Datamigration

Walter Sklenka Walter.Sklenka at EDV-Design.at
Thu Dec 9 09:26:40 GMT 2021

Dear spectrum scale users!
May I ask you a design question?
We have an IB environment which is very mixed at the moment ( connecX3 ... connect-X6 with FDR , even FDR10 and with arrive of ESS5000SC7 now also HDR100 and HDR switches. We still have some big  troubles in this fabric when using RDMA , a case at Mellanox and IBM is open .
The environment has 3 old Building blocks 2xESSGL6 and 1x GL4 , from where we want to migrate the data to ess5000 , ( mmdelvdisk +qos)
Due to the current problems with RDMA we though eventually we could try a workaround :
If you are interested there is Maybe you can find the attachment ?
We build 2 separate fabrics , the ess-IO servers attached to both blue and green and all other cluster members and all remote clusters only to fabric blue
The daemon interfaces (IPoIP) are on fabric blue

It is the aim to setup rdma only on the ess-ioServers in the fabric green ,  in the blue we must use IPoIB (tcp)
Do you think datamigration would work between ess01,ess02,... to ess07,ess08 via RDMA ?
Or is it  principally not possible to make a rdma network only  for a subset of a cluster (though this subset would be reachable via other fabric) ?

Thank you very much for any input !
Best regards walter

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