[gpfsug-discuss] 'force user' samba parameter not implemented

Paul Ward p.ward at nhm.ac.uk
Tue Aug 24 11:03:54 BST 2021


We are moving from our v4 SCALE install to a 5.0.5 SCALE install.
We make extensive use of the 'force user' parameter in our cross protocol shares.
I have just been informed, that although we can set the parameter using 'net conf' it isn't implemented in the current version of Samba in v5.0.5 of SCALE.

Has anyone else faced this issue, and what has been your workaround.

Kindest regards,

Paul Ward
TS Infrastructure Architect
Natural History Museum
T: 02079426450
E: p.ward at nhm.ac.uk<mailto:p.ward at nhm.ac.uk>
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