[gpfsug-discuss] Checking if a AFM-managed file is still inflight

Dorigo Alvise (PSI) alvise.dorigo at psi.ch
Mon Sep 21 11:32:25 BST 2020

Information reported by that command (both at cache and home side) are size, blocks, block size, and times.
I think it cannot be enough to decide that AFM completed the transfer of a file.
Did I possibly miss something else ?
It would be nice to have a flag (like that one reported by the policy, flags “P” – managed by AFM – and “w” – beeing transferred -) that can help us to know if AFM considers the file synced to home or not yet.


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do you looking fo smth like this:
mmafmlocal ls filename    or stat filename

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Dear GPFS users,

I know that through a policy one can know if a file is still being transferred from the cache to your home by AFM.

I wonder if there is another method @cache or @home side, faster and less invasive (a policy, as far as I know, can put some pressure on the system when there are many files).

I quickly checked mmlsattr that seems not to be AFM-aware (but there is a flags field that can show several things, like compression status, archive, etc).

Any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance,

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