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I think a better metaphor is that the bridge we just crossed has collapsed 
and as long as we do not need to cross it again our journey should reach 
its intended destination :-)  As I understand the intent of this message 
is to alert the user (and our support teams) that the directory from which 
a command was executed no longer exist.  Should that be of consequence to 
the execution of the command then failure is not unexpected, however, many 
commands do not make use of the current directory so they likely will 
succeed.  If you consider the view point of a command failing because the 
working directory was removed, but not knowing that was the root cause, I 
think you can see why this message was added into the administration 
infrastructure.  It allows this odd failure scenario to be quickly 
recognized saving time for both the user and IBM support, in tracking down 
the root cause.

Regards, The Spectrum Scale (GPFS) team

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just came across this:
/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmafmctl fs3101 getstate
mmafmctl: Invalid current working directory detected: /tmp/A
  The command may fail in an unexpected way.  Processing continues ..
It’s like a bus driver telling you that the brakes don’t work and next 
speeding up even more. Honestly, why not just fail with a nice error 
messages …. Don’t tell some customer asked for this to make the command 
more resilient …
Heinrich Billich
ETH Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 632 72 56
heinrich.billich at id.ethz.ch
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