[gpfsug-discuss] Services on DSS/ESS nodes

Simon Thompson S.J.Thompson at bham.ac.uk
Mon Oct 5 09:40:56 BST 2020

>    I now need to check IBM are not going to throw a wobbler down the line 
>    if I need to get support before deploying it to the DSS-G nodes :-)

I know there were a lot of other emails about this ...

I think you maybe want to be careful doing this. Whilst it might work when you setup the DSS-G like this, remember that the memory usage you are seeing at this point in time may not be what you always need. For example if you fail-over the recovery groups, you need to have enough free memory to handle this. E.g. a node failure, or more likely you are upgrading the building blocks.

Personally I wouldn't run other things like this on my DSS-G storage nodes. We do run e.g. nrpe monitoring to collect and report faults, but this is pretty lightweight compared to everything else. They even removed support for running the gui packages on the IO nodes - the early DSS-G builds used the IO nodes for this, but now you need separate systems for this.


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