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Luis Bolinches luis.bolinches at fi.ibm.com
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As stated on the same link you can do remote mounts from each other and be a supported setup. 

“ You can use the remote mount feature of IBM Spectrum Scale to share file system data across clusters.”


> On 3. Oct 2020, at 20.16, Jonathan Buzzard <jonathan.buzzard at strath.ac.uk> wrote:
> On 03/10/2020 12:19, Luis Bolinches wrote:
>> Are you mixing those ESS DSS in the same cluster? Or you are only
>> running DSS
> Only running DSS. We are too far down the rabbit hole to ever switch to 
> ESS now.
>> Mixing DSS and ESS in the same cluster is not a supported configuration.
> I know, it means you can never ever migrate your storage from DSS to ESS 
> without a full backup and restore. Who with any significant amount of 
> storage is going to want to do that? The logic behind this escapes me, 
> or perhaps in that scenario IBM might relax the rules for the migration 
> period.
>> You really need to talk with Lenovo as is your vendor. The fact that in
>> your region your support is being given by an IBMer or not is not a
>> relevant point. High enough in the chain always will end at IBM on any
>> region as GNR is IBM tech for 17 years (yes 17) so if weird enough even
>> on regions where Lenovo might do even third level it might end on
>> development and/or research. But that is a Lenovo/IBM agreement not you
>> and IBM.
>> So please get the support statement from Lenovo about this and pls share
>> it if you want/can so we all learn their position.
> Will attempt that, though I do think it should be a supported config out 
> the box :-)
> JAB.
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