[gpfsug-discuss] Future of Spectrum Scale support for Centos

Carl Zetie - carlz@us.ibm.com carlz at us.ibm.com
Wed Dec 9 22:24:28 GMT 2020

>> We don?t have an official statement yet, however I did want to give you
>> all an indication of our early thinking on this.

>Er yes we do, from an IBM employee, because remember RedHat is now IBM
>owned, and the majority of the people making this decision are RedHat
>and thus IBM employees.

“We” meaning Spectrum Scale development.

To reiterate, so far we don’t think this changes Spectrum Scale’s existing policy on CentOS support.

Carl Zetie
Program Director
Offering Management
Spectrum Scale
(919) 473 3318 ][ Research Triangle Park
carlz at us.ibm.com


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