[gpfsug-discuss] Future of Spectrum Scale support for Centos

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan.buzzard at strath.ac.uk
Wed Dec 9 15:35:04 GMT 2020

On 09/12/2020 14:02, Carl Zetie - carlz at us.ibm.com wrote:
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> We don’t have an official statement yet, however I did want to give you 
> all an indication of our early thinking on this.

Er yes we do, from an IBM employee, because remember RedHat is now IBM 
owned, and the majority of the people making this decision are RedHat 
and thus IBM employees. So I quote

    "If you are using CentOS Linux 8 in a production environment, and are
    concerned that CentOS Stream will not meet your needs, we encourage
    you to contact Red Hat about options."

Or translated bend over and get the lube out.


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