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Brian Nelson brnelson at us.ibm.com
Tue Dec 8 01:07:46 GMT 2020

The Spectrum Scale releases prior to 5.1 included all of the dependent
packages needed by OpenStack along with the Object protocol.  Although
initially done because the platform repos did not have the necessary
dependent packages, eventually it introduced significant difficulties in
terms of keeping the growing number of dependent packages current with the
latest functionality and security fixes.  To ensure that bug and security
fixes can be delivered as soon as possible, the switch was made to use the
platform-specific repos for the dependencies rather than including them
with the Scale installer.  Unfortunately, this has made the install more
complicated as these system repos need to be configured on the system.

The subscription pool with the OpenStack repos is typically not enabled by
default.  To see if your subscription has the necessary repos, use the
command "subscription-manager list --all --available"  and search for
OpenStack.  If found, use the Pool ID to add the subscription to your
system with the command: "subscription-manager attach --pool=PoolID".  Once
the pool has been added, then the repos openstack-16-for-rhel-8 and
codeready-builder-for-rhel-8 should be able to be added to the
subscription-manager.  If the subscription list does not show any
subscriptions with OpenStack resources, then it may be necessary to add an
applicable subscription, such as the "Red Hat OpenStack Platform"


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 Hi All,

 Merry christmas to everyone listening in!

 I hope someone can shed some light on this as its starting to annoy me
 that i cant get any information other than whats in the documentation
 which for this part is not very fullfilling.. atleast for me it isnt..

 I am currently discussing with IBM Support about the Spectrum Scale Object
 install procedure for v5.1.0.1 because alot of dependencies is missing
 when trying to install it.

 Link to the documentation:

 And as i could read in the documentation before i contacted IBM and what
 they said to me after i created the ticket is that "The installation of
 spectrum-scale-object requires that the repositories for the OpenStack
 packages and their dependencies are available, which are typically the
 openstack-16-for-rhel-8 and codeready-builder-for-rhel-8 repositories"

 And here is the funny part, i dont like the word "Typically" as if we are
 to guess where to find the dependencies.. i get the idea of moving the
 packages away from the spectrum scale package to be sure they are
 up-to-date when installed rather than old versions lying around until a
 new .x version releases..

 but any who, even trying to enable those two repos have proved difficult
 as they are simply not available on my system.. hence why i still have a
 lot of dependencies missing..

 My theory is that to have those repos shown to my system i would need
 another redhat license than the "server license" i already have? propably
 some sort of Redhat Openstack license? Can any one confirm if this is the

 If it is i guess that means that IBM is now pushing a new license ontop of
 customers if they want to use the new Object release with the
 version... and that will be it for me.. ill look some where else then for
 the object/s3 part..

 Sorry if i come across as angry but im starting to get alittle annoyed at
 IBM :) We were using S3 on the previous release but in the end could'nt
 really use it because of the limitations of the old way they implemented
 it and we're told there was a new backend coming which had all the
 features needed but then they pulled it from the .0 version without notice
 and we had already upgraded from 4.x.x.x to 5.1.x.x and had to find out
 the hard way.. most of you propably read the old discussion i started
 about an alternative to scale object/s3..

 Best Regards
 Andi Christiansen

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