[gpfsug-discuss] Backend corruption

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Mon Aug 3 15:07:43 BST 2020


We have a GPFS file system which uses, among other storage, a V5000 as 
There was an error in the fire detection alarm in the datacenter and a 
fire alarm was triggered.
The result was that the V5000 had a lot of broken disks. Most of the 
disks recovered fine after a reseat, but some data is corrupted on the 

This means that for 22MB of data, the V5000 returns a read error to the 

We migrated most of the data to an disks but there is still 165 GB left 
on the V5000 pool.

When we try to remove the disks with mmdeldisk, it fails after a while 
and places some of the disks as down.
It generated a file with inodes, this an example of a 2 lines:
  9168519      0:0        0           1                 1 
   exposed illreplicated illplaced REGULAR_FILE Error: 218 Input/output 
  9251611      0:0        0           1                 1 
   exposed illreplicated REGULAR_FILE Error: 218 Input/output error

How can I get a list of files that uses data of the V5000 pool?
The data is written by CommVault. When I have a list of files, I can 
determine the impact on the application.


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