[gpfsug-discuss] Clear old/stale events in GUI

nico.faerber at id.unibe.ch nico.faerber at id.unibe.ch
Fri Feb 15 14:05:01 GMT 2019

Dear Mr. Ritter,

It worked. The stale events are gone. Thank you very much.


Universität Bern
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Nico Färber
Systemadministrator HPC

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Tel. +41 (0)31 631 51 89

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Hello Mr. Färber,

please run on each GUI node you have the following command:

/usr/lpp/mmfs/gui/cli/lshealth --reset

This should help clearing this stale events not shown by mmhealth.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

[IBM Spectrum Scale]


Matthias Ritter
Spectrum Scale GUI Development
Department M069 / Spectrum Scale Software Development

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Dear all,

We see some outdated events ("longwaiters_warn" and "gpfs_warn" for component GPFS with an age of 2 weeks) for some nodes that are resolved in in the meantime ("mmhealth node show" on the affected nodes report HEALTHY for component GPFS).

How can I remove those outdated event logs from the GUI? Is there a button/command or do I have to manually delete some records in the database? If yes, what is the recommended procedure?

We are running:

Cluster minimum release level:

GUI release level: 5.0.2-1

Thank you.



Universitaet Bern
Abt. Informatikdienste

Nico Färber
High Performance Computing

Gesellschaftsstrasse 6
CH-3012 Bern
Raum 104
Tel. +41 (0)31 631 51 89
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