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Markus Rohwedder rohwedder at de.ibm.com
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There is no hierarchy between fileset quotas, the fileset quota limits are
completely independent of each other.
The independent fileset., as you mentioned, provides the common inode space
and ties the parent and child together in regards to
using inodes from their common inode space and for example in regards to
snapshots and other features that act on independent filesets.

There are however many degrees of freedom in setting up quota
configurations, for example user and group quotas and the per-fileset and
per-filesystem quota options.
So there may be other ways how you could create rules that can model your
environment and which could provide a means to create limits across several

For example (will probably not match to you but just to illustrate)::
You have a group of applications.
Each application stores data in one dependent fileset. The filesystem where
these exist uses per filesystem quota accounting.-
All these filesets are children of an independent filesets. this allows you
to  create snapshots of all applications together.
All applications store data under the same group.
You can limit each applications space via fileset quota and you can limit
the whole application group via group quota.

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Subject:	[gpfsug-discuss] question on fileset / quotas
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Hi Everyone,

I am very new to GPFS, just got the system up and running, now starting to
get myself setting up filesets and quotas.  I have a question, may be in
has been answered already, somewhere in this forum, my apologies for that
if this is a repeat.

My question is:

lets say I have an independent fileset called '/mmfs1/crsp_test' , and I
set it's quota to 2GB ( quota type FILESET ).

STAGING-itoufiqu at crspoitdc-mgmt-001:/mmfs1/crsp_test/itoufiqu$ df
-h /mmfs1/crsp_test/
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
mmfs1           2.0G     0  2.0G   0% /mmfs1

Now, I go create a 'dependent' fileset calld 'itoufiqu' under
'crsp_test' , sharing it's inode space, and i was able to set it's quota to

STAGING-root at crspoitdc-mgmt-001:/mmfs1/crsp_test$ df
-h /mmfs1/crsp_test/itoufiqu
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
mmfs1           4.0G  4.0G     0 100% /mmfs1

Now, i assume that setting quota of 4GB ( whereas the independent fileset
quota is 2GB ) for the above dependent fileset ( 'itoufiqu' ) is being
allowed as dependent fileset is sharing inode space from the independent

Is there a way to setup an independent fileset so that it's dependent
filesets cannot exceed its quota limit? Another words, if my independent
fileset quota is 2GB, I should not be allowed to set quotas for it's
dependent filesets more then 2GB  ( for the dependent filesets created in
aggregate ) ?

Thanks for your help!
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